coollogo_com-92243505Thank you for visiting the Child of Lies blog. Here you will find updates, excerpts, and other announcements related to my Child of Lies fantasy series. Book 1, Winter’s Bite, is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats. Book 2, The Valceine Prophecy, can be expected sometime in 2020.
A companion book, The Path to Winter’s Bite, is available for purchase on Amazon or Smashwords in ebook format. Or by signing up for my email list you can download a copy for free! In addition, I will be posting all material for The Path to Winter’s Bite on this blog! Yes, you can read it for free, in bite-sized chunks, three times per week (I’ll be figuring out my posting schedule soon).
Coming soon, a new 5-chapter short story about one of the characters in Winter’s Bite. It’s entitled Dawnlight Awakening, and is the first in a collection of short stories to be released throughout the year.

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