Valceine Prophecy

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this first blog entry regarding the Child of Lies series of books that I am currently writing. I’m really excited to tell you all about it and keep you up to date on my progress. In this post I will explain a little bit about the series and I will tell a bit about what my plans are for this blog.

First, what is the Child of Lies series of books? It’s an upcoming new fantasy series that will span eight books. Eight books? That’s my projected goal right now. The first book, Winter’s Bite, has been written and is currently right around 450 pages. I have yet to edit it, so that’s where I stand with book 1 in the series. The second book, The Valceine Prophecy, is currently being written. I’m around 45 pages in and it is exciting seeing where the adventure leads!

So what kind of adventure is it? The first two books are set in a medieval style world with the addition of magic. No fairy-tale creatures…for the most part. I have an idea (though not yet an outline) for books 3-8, and it will be quite the mindtrip!

You can read more about each book as I release information on this blog. Which brings me to my last point: what do I intend to do with this blog? This will be a place where I share my progress on all things related to the series. I’ll keep you updated with my editing status, book releases, and updates to the progress of writing each book in the series (obviously book 2 for now). I may share snippets of text from the books, possible quotes, or may even discuss the process of creating certain aspects of the novels. This will also be a place to get extra material, histories, accounts that will not be included in the books.

Okay, so this is just getting started. Bear with me as I get the site set up and make some updates to this blog over the next week. Please be sure to share this with your friends who are interested in fantasy (or those who are fellow writers, or just want to help spread the word). Thanks for reading, and be blessed!

Robert Adkisson