Winter’s Bite

Seventeen year old Braelyn has grown up learning magic under the tutelage of Master Pioran, a former mage. While researching a worsening weather crisis, she discovers a secret that changes her perception of the world forever. Will this new information prevent Braelyn from performing the necessary steps to restore the weather? Or will this knowledge lead the girl deeper into a conspiracy that is bound to affect the entire world?

WBCover Original

Winter’s Bite comes out on Amazon on June 10, 2016! Please subscribe to my mail list for updates on the release and the final two free chapters leading up to the novel’s launch!


Winter’s Bite Update – 5/7/2016

So here I am, a month and three days from Winter’s Bite’s release on Amazon. I have a lot of editing to do, scheduled around work and home life. I also have a map I need to scribe, the book’s blurb to write, and I’m taking on another challenge.

I’m at the beginning stages of creating a website for the novel/series. I’d like to get my WordPress blog transferred over there, but I need to wait until I have the time to figure out how to do that. I’ve always loved web design. I love coding the HTML and CSS. I’ll likely brush up on my JavaScript skills to add some interactivity to my site. When it’s done, I think all of my fans will enjoy the final result! Hmm, maybe I’ll launch that on Easter…so any eggs don’t go bad. 😉

In the meantime, just as an update on book 2 – I haven’t written anything for it in a while. I’m just not going to focus on it at all until Winter’s Bite is out and then I’ll resume writing as I promote the first one. Really, though, it’s book three that I can’t wait to write! I don’t have it outlined or know the plot yet, but I love where it will be taking the adventure! Stay tuned for more updates, and if you are a writer then may your words flow freely, your thoughts encompass the unthinkable,and your readers connect with you on all levels!

~Robert Adkisson