Child of Lies Book 2 update

I’m about to sit down to write more for the second book in the series. But first I wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on. Just a few days ago I was hired to a new job and I start working tomorrow. My writing time will become more valuable than ever as I seek to turn my writing into a viable family-supporting income (it’ll take a few years to get there).

I’m also recovering from one of the worst sunburns I’ve had in my life. Fortunately I can sleep now, with minimal discomfort. Let the peeling begin. Actually, I have enough dead skin in my garbage that I can probably re-create another human being. Hmm, book idea perhaps…?

Another thing I wanted to share is that I have started the beginning of world creation for a new book or series that I’ll consider my secondary work-in-progress (WIP). And I’m planning out a “How to write a Novel” ebook/course to bring in some side money. I’m doing the “How-to” as part of a program called The Challenge, by Ed Dale. I have a few other ideas on the horizon, but that I’m not yet ready to begin – most likely until the end of the year. Possibly November.

Current word count for book 2: 16866. 10 of 58 chapters are written, although some of them are easier chapters. I’m going to include a word count progress on my website: within the next couple days.

You can find my novel, Winter’s Bite, on Amazon.

The prelude to the novel, The Path to Winter’s Bite is also available on Amazon.