Moving scene…

Tonight’s plotting continued with one of the characters and culminated in a moving scene that promises to be unforgettable for those who follow the series from the start! And awe-inspiring for those who join the journey late.  😉

I’m about through with this character’s storyline though so tomorrow I’ll plot out another one!

Start the story in The Path to Winter’s Bite (2.99 kindle) and continue into the Child of Lies series with Winter’s Bite (2.99 kindle). Prepare for The Valceine Prophecy in 2017 and book 3 in 2018!

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The Plot Thickens!

Oh ho ho! Who lives and who goes? Well, one other beloved character has a reprieve and I’ve begun plotting his or her adventure. This will be a fun section for me to write and I hope even more enjoyable for those of you who read it!

I have my list of who makes it to book 3 (and/or beyond) and who (sadly) does not. Now to make sure they are all accounted for, in addition to the introduction of several new characters – some to love, and others to hate.

Once I’ve written the “book 3 storylines” for each character that needs it, I’ll blend it into a tale of fantasy that would hopefully make Tolkien proud!

I’m getting to the point where I’ll be wrapping the plotting of book 3 up and getting back to drafting The Valceine Prophecy  (book 2) within the next week. At least I’ve given myself lots of time to write and prepare book 2 for release, as I still have almost 10 months to go. 4 months of consistent writing at about 750 words per day (the basic equivalent of 30-60 minutes) leaves me with 4 months to proofread, revise, and edit. And 2 months to format and launch. This time, however, the kindle, paperback, and hardcover will all be released on 6/10. None of this waiting for a specific format!

In the meantime, pick up a copy of The Path to Winter’s Bite (2.99 kindle) and Winter’s Bite (also 2.99 kindle). Please leave a review if you read them! It helps my rankings when you do. Thanks a lot!

More Plotting!

I’m making great progress on setting up book 3. I’ve got the first part of Braelyn’s storyline as well as the first part of Kryh’s. So far there is conflict,  humor, and the giving out of quests! New races the main characters have never seen. And plans for more scenes and storylines are writhing around in my head, just waiting to escape!

This is a book that you WON’T want to miss, but you’ll definitely want to read Winter’s Bite (2.99 on kindle, or free for Kindle Unlimited) and The Valceine Prophecy  (due out 6/10/2017) first. Also on Kindle is The Path to Winter’s Bite (2.99) which contains ancient history and story leading up to Winter’s Bite. Please help support my writing by purchasing a copy of my current books and leaving a review. Thanks a bunch! Now I’m off to plot a bit more before heading to bed.

Child of Lies Update

Plotting is going well for book 3. I’ve got about 14 chapters worth plotted out, with more flowing onto the page. I have yet to add in plot twists, but there will definitely be several of those. Who is alive? Who is dead? You’ll have to find out by reading Winter’s Bite (2.99 on Amazon, or free for Kindle Unlimited) and The Valceine Prophecy  (release date 6/10/2017) to find out why this question is so important.

Moving Forward!

Okay so I had taken a break from pushing Winter’s Bite as well as trying to get it out as paperback and hardcover editions. I did so while I looked into possibly searching for an agent and traditional publishing. I thought I had made my decision but have decided that I still haven’t decided.

In light of this, what I HAVE decided is that I am moving ahead with self-publishing while I’m seeking representation. I’m tired of putting things on hold while I try to make up my mind. I’ve seen positive and negative aspects of both self- and traditional publishing, so I’m still weighing my options.

My next step is that I’ll be ordering my author’s copy of the paperback. Once I receive it, if it’s acceptable I’ll approve it and make it available on Amazon. I’ll also finish the formatting for the hardcover copy, get the cover jacket together for it, and submit it for’s approval. Once they accept it, I’ll order my author copy and follow the same process to get it up for sale.

Writing for book 2 has been stalled. In order to jumpstart my writing I have decided to do two things. First, I’ve begun drafting the outline for book 3. Knowing the basic storyline of book 2 helped me finish the writing for Winter’s Bite, so I’m expecting it will do the same for the next book. Second, I’ll be designing the book cover for book 2, and hopefully within the next month will be hiring the same artist who did the cover for Winter’s Bite. These two items should energize me to get the rest of book 2 finished and ready for another June 10 release.

If you haven’t already purchased a kindle copy of Winter’s Bite, it is 2.99 on Amazon. The Path to Winter’s Bite is also 2.99 on Amazon. If you are holding out for a physical copy of Winter’s Bite, hold on just a bit longer. Thanks!