Winter’s Bite Update

My 2 primary goals on Tuesday, October 4 will be sleeping and formatting Winter’s Bite for hardcover! The wait is almost over for those of you who are awaiting a bit more expensive collector’s book!


Progress Update and Request

Okay, so I’m almost halfway to my goal to be able to be paid for my current sales. Once I cross the $100 threshold I’ll get my first royalty check from Amazon. When that happens, I’ll be sinking that money into a book cover for The Path to Winter’s Bite, so I can release it in paperback format. Please help me hit that goal! Thanks so much!

Winter’s Bite

The Path to Winter’s Bite

For A Limited Time!

Have you ever wanted something for free but didn’t want to resort to stealing it or begging for it? If so, I’m about to make all* of your dreams come true!

Through the end of September, The Path to Winter’s Bite will be available for download for free! Yes, you heard that right! Download for FREE through September 30th by following this link: The Path to Winter’s Bite

“But Robert, why would you do such a thing?” you may be asking. Well, because I can. Because I want to eliminate all reasons for you NOT to read this book. And…because I need your help.

By downloading a free copy of “Path” you are improving its sales rank for free Kindle ebooks. The better sales rank I reach, the closer I get to being on page 1 of search results for free ebooks in the fantasy genre. With a good enough rank, my book will show up in the “Customers who purchased this book also purchased The Path to Winter’s Bite” section of other paid, established books in my genre.

An author’s success does depend a little on their own writing and actions, but the bulk of success comes from family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, fans, peers and the like. This is where all of you reading this come in. At the very least, I’d appreciate if you’d all share my post with your own circle of friends, family, coworkers and all listed above to help spread my reach.

But I am going to ask for more from you than just sharing. Please help my free sales rank by downloading a copy of The Path to Winter’s Bite. If you do download a copy, I’m tossing dignity aside and begging you – <<gets on his knees, hands folded before him as his hazel eyes beseech your mercy>> PLEASE take a little time to read it, rate it on Amazon, and leave a short review. Just touch on a few things you liked, a thing or two you feel it may need improvement on, but be honest and professional. Reviews can also get me free advertising on Amazon, but they need to be legit.

To clarify what you’ll be getting in the Path to Winter’s Bite, it is not a novel. Rather it’s a collection of short stories that help make reading Winter’s Bite more understandable. The first 8 chapters are Ancient History that explain the creation of the world and the creation and evolution of magic. The remaining 23 chapters take place in the “modern” (regarding the novel’s timeframe) age, about 18 years before Winter’s Bite begins. These chapters show the events leading up to the novel and answer critical questions such as why Braelyn using magic is such a big deal.

In all seriousness, I’d like all of your help in spreading the word about my writing. A simple share can increase my viewership by a lot. A free download can boost my rankings, and solid reviews can help establish my legitimacy. Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate the support I’ve received so far and I look forward to more interaction soon.

Please visit my website (Child of Lies Website) and subscribe to my email list to receive new updates and special deals. I’ll soon be releasing a few videos of various authorly things. I’ll also be present at the Virtual FantasyCon on Sunday, October 9 (details to follow soon). I’m considering putting out a weekly “Confessions of an Author” column just for those on my email list. And hopefully by the end of the year there will be a contest for email subscribers that you WON’T want to miss!

Thank you!

I woke up to find out that some awesome person bought a paperback of Winter’s Bite! Thanks a ton, and I hope you enjoy it!

If you haven’t yet joined the movement, and feel you are missing out, you can find my novel Winter’s Bite on Kindle for $2.99 (or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers). The paperback is now available for $9.99!

Winter’s Bite now available in paperback!

It’s been way too long of a wait for some of you (myself included), but Winter’s Bite is now available on in paperback format! The price is $9.99. It is also still available for $2.99 on the Kindle and free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

I’d like to make a request; ask a favor, if you don’t mind. If you haven’t yet, please purchase a copy (in whichever format you’d prefer), read it, and leave a rating and review. The more reviews my book gets, the more exposure it receives which will improve sales and rankings. These are very important factors for a new author who is trying to build a following. If you absolutely do not want to spend the money to purchase a copy, if you could at least share my post on your social media pages that could help me gain exposure as well. At this point, any profits I receive from my book will be reinvested in my writing. Things such as artwork for book 2 (and hopefully for Path to Winter’s Bite, which would allow me to put it out in paperback format as well). It will go towards purchasing various ads to get my book in front of more people. And possibly an occasional coffee or two if I get a chance to meet with a group to write. And until I reach a certain royalty point, I don’t see any of the proceeds, so I need some more sales!

For reference, here is the brief description of the book:

Seventeen year old Braelyn has grown up learning magic under the tutelage of Master Pioran, a former mage. While researching a worsening weather crisis, she discovers a secret that changes her perception of the world forever. Will this new information prevent Braelyn from performing the necessary steps to restore the weather? Or will this knowledge lead the girl deeper into a conspiracy that is bound to affect the entire world?

All around her, hidden agendas abound! The Four Mages are in a state of disarray, struggling for survival after hearing rumors that Duke Carrington was forming a weapon to eliminate them. One of the new mages remained unknown to the other three, living a life of anonymity in the midst of his own childhood turmoil. And to what end will the secretive Relioverian Group take to bend fate to their will?

Here are the links to my books:

Winter’s Bite (Paperback) –
Winter’s Bite (Kindle) –
The Path to Winter’s Bite (Kindle) –