Winter’s Bite Christmas Campaign (Part 2)!

Okay, so the Winter’s Bite Christmas Campaign part 1 did not go over well, but that’s okay – there is still part 2! Everybody loves freebies, right? Well from 12/7-12/24 you can purchase a bundle package! If you buy the paperback on Amazon, you can download the Kindle ebook for free! Yes, I said it. F to the R to the E-E-E!

Think of it as a great Christmas gift idea! You want Winter’s Bite for yourself, you sly Kindle reader, you. So you buy a paperback copy for a friend who loves reading fantasy novels, wrap it up for a Christmas gift, and enjoy your free Kindle copy of Winter’s Bite. You win, they win, and I win! And then you go and leave a rating and review because you’re so stoked to have received such a great deal! Sound like a plan? I thought it might! Merry Christmas everyone!

You can find the paperback version of Winter’s Bite here