Play-By-Play 2/16/2017

I wanted to post this yesterday but ran out of computer time, so I’ll post it now.

So, for today’s post I’d like to give a play-by-play on what I do today. After a few Facebook posts, I ran a 15-minute sprint and ended up with 350 words. That’s not bad for me when I’m in good form, so for me just getting back into the swing of things, I’m very happy with my progress. That sprint led into a second sprint, in which I turned out another 380 words. I feel like I’m on fire today! Let’s finish the hour out with one last sprint, and I’ll add 324 to bring my total so far up to 1054! I’m off to add a visitor counter to my web site!

Okay, now that THAT’S done, I think I’m going to set up another #motivationalreward! Once I pick up another 1000 words, I’m going to work a bit on the cover design for The Path to Winter’s Bite. Once I get the design done I can send it to my artist and when he’s done with it I’ll be able to get cracking on it being available as a paperback as well! Woohoo!

Okay, so first sprint of the hour and I picked up 407! I must say, I’m getting better. And that’s with the first few minutes fretting that I was having a bout of writer’s block. I guess the block broke and the words flooded the poor town of Emptypage. Okay, the next sprint brought in 261, so I have a bit to go to repair my average. Last sprint of this hour – 346 words. Not too bad. Adding this hour’s sprints together, 1014! Go me! 2/3 of the way done with today’s writing and just a little ahead.

Now for some lunch and then cover design before my final push for writing! 361 for my first sprint! Improved my second sprint by a few – 366 this time, so that’s going in the right direction. I just need 205 more words to reach today’s goal! And my final sprint is…exactly 205 – I stopped early. 3000 words today!

Okay, thanks for listening! Tune in next week for more!

You can purchase The Path to Winter’s Bite on Amazon or Smashwords
You can buy Winter’s Bite as ebook or paperback on Amazon




Hello everybody! I was hoping for a few more Facebook follows from friends and family before I did this, but I’m not waiting any longer. I’d like to give out a few FREE copies of The Path to Winter’s Bite! This will be eBook format only, but isn’t strictly for Kindle. Other eReader formats are available for this. Let me tell you how the promotion will work.

I am looking to include a few 1-2 sentence testimonials for advertising purposes. I’m going to use the honor system here, so IF you have purchased or downloaded (or received as a gift, etc.) my novel, Winter’s Bite, then please go to my Facebook author page and leave an HONEST 1-2 sentence testimonial on what you thought. I’d be just as grateful if you’d go to Amazon and leave a rating and review, but I don’t want to ask too much.

In order to receive a coupon code for 100% off the price of The Path to Winter’s Bite, I’ll send you a private message on Facebook with the link and coupon code, once you have left a testimonial. Please make the testimonial real and heartfelt, not just a bunch of praise that looks fake. Thank you much!

Oh, and if you HAVEN’T purchased a copy of Winter’s Bite yet, but would like to take part in this giveaway, you can purchase Winter’s Bite on Amazon or on Smashwords.

New Schedule

Okay, so after discussion with my wonderful wife I have decided that I’ll be writing 3 days/week. That’s a little less than half the days I had recently thought, but I’ll be using a minimum of 4 hours of the day toward writing. Instead of giving myself a 1500 word/day goal, I’ll be bumping it up to a minimum of  3000 words/day. That’s very doable, as when I’m writing at an average pace (at 1000 words/hour) I should be clearing 4000, so it’s 1000 words “wiggle room”.

On to today’s writing – a (not so-) charming battle sequence which results in death, tears, and the struggle between duty and honor.

If you haven’t already, you can pick up The Path to Winter’s Bite on Amazon (for Kindle) or Smashwords (for both Kindle and other eReader formats). You can pick up Winter’s Bite on Amazon (available on Kindle or in paperback format). Thanks for reading, and have a stellar day!