Hello everybody!

Okay, lots of things going on with my writing. The first thing I want to touch on is that The Path to Winter’s Bite is now available for FREE in exchange for signing up for my email list. Sign up, follow the link to download the ebook for free, read it, and if you like it give it a rating and review. That would be so beneficial to me, would not cost you anything, and everyone would win. And if you read it and don’t like it, feel free to unsubscribe if you’d like. Also, please share the subscription link with anyone you know who likes fantasy. You’d be doing them a favor by giving them a free book. You’d be doing me a favor by getting the word out. Thanks!

The next news is regarding Valceine Prophecy. I’m still working on it, but at a slower pace (see news #4 below for why). I still plan on it being a late Fall release, but even that is variable. Progress is being made on it though.

I’ve renewed my ChildOfLies.com domain and switched my hosting to Bluehost. June will see a renovation of the website with a sleek new look and a few new features.

As for the biggest news, and reason for Valceine Prophecy being pushed back, since several people have asked for more about some of the characters, I’ll be writing several short stories that will become available in the coming weeks! If you’ve wanted to know more about Raefestor, Pioran, Donaeliese, Kryh, the girl in the graveyard (oops, Valceine Prophecy reference…;)), Alreon, Bela, Kyrell, Old Man Cribbon and his wife Freeda, Hyna, Duke Carrington, Drey, or Father Leovildt, then you definitely won’t want to miss the upcoming Tesevia Chronicles series! Based on the world and characters found in the Child of Lies series, each short story will focus on an adventure that takes place and focuses on a specific character. Each story will be released individually and will be available on Amazon. Most will take place before Winter’s Bite, and some during.

In addition to writing these stories, I’ve begun a new blog for writers; especially writers who are struggling or looking for novel writing tips. It’s called The Author’s Blade and will be a resource for anyone who wants to be an author, whether you haven’t started because you don’t know how, you are afraid to start, you have started but have hit a block, or any other reason for which you might want tips.


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