Winter’s Bite is FREE for 5 Days

Good evening everyone. It’s that time of the season again where Winter’s Bite is available as a FREE download. From now through 9/8, you can get a free copy of my novel by clicking the link below. Although I’d love to get paid for it, you downloading it for free helps me get a higher ranking which can lead to more sales. I’m currently ranked #150 for epic Fantasy ebooks on Amazon. If I can pick up another 10 downloads tonight, I may be able to reach top 50, which would be amazing!

Additionally, whether you’ve purchased it in the past or downloaded it this week, if you haven’t left a review yet, I’d really appreciate your feedback. It helps immensely for an independent author like myself and doesn’t cost you anything more than a few minutes of your time. Come on, who wants to see me as a best-selling author?! Lol! Thanks everyone!

Winter’s Bite